Chess and Politics (CAPS League) – November 2016

Our next event will be November 17th, 2016 from 6 to 9 at The Peace House DC (click here for map). If you want to be rated in the league please sign up at otherwise you can sign up when you come to the event.

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September 2016 Recap

Results from tonight’s CAPS League:

Taylor Hall (2-0-1) two wins (resign and checkmate)

Josh Casey (1-2-0) one loss and one win (resign and checkmate)

Aaron (1-0-0) one win (checkmate)

Frosty (0-1-0) one loss (by checkmate)

Jason McGaughey (0-1-0) one loss (by checkmate)



Taylor Hall (1-0-1) won by resign from Josh Casey (0-2-0)


Frosty vs. Aaron – Aaron won by checkmate


Round 2: Jason McGaughey vs. Josh Casey – Josh Casey (1-2-0) won by checkmate