Chess and Politics League was founded and started in July 2016 out of the need for educating black/African and Brown people about their history while incorporating the game of the chess. Chess tends to be affiliated within settler colonialism which makes perfect sense. From that we can learn to break down the system to free our mind as well as well as our body by self-sustainability.


Every third Thursday of the month we host “CAPS” at The Peace House DC.  All meet ups will have themed (literature) topics to discuss. Events are 16+ due to some of the topics that may be discussed.

Game play is for all stages of play and will start at 6 pm and go to 8 pm. Depending on how many players show up, timed matches will be enforced. From 8 pm to 8:30 pm we’ll discuss the themed topic. From 8:30 pm and on it’s open discussion.

Recreational use of Marijuana is allowed within the space (21+). This is a BYOB (Bring your own board) event. If you have any questions please contact Taylor at 2022484303

This is a USCF Rated League: A6047734